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    Message on the International Day of Families



    15 May 2016



    This year’s International Day of Families falls at a time of upheaval and tragedy for families around the world. The rise of violent extremism, the effects of forced displacement, extreme weather events and other challenges are taking a heavy toll on the health and integrity of families in crisis situations. Even in relatively stable societies, families still struggle with violence, discrimination and poverty.




    Families are on the frontlines of our global efforts to realize the bold and inclusive 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. They are particularly essential to achieving SDG3, in which all United Nations Member States committed to promoting healthy lives and wellbeing for all at all ages.


    我們正在全球努力實現雄心勃勃、包容各方的2030 年可持續發展議程,而家庭就處于這項工作的最前沿。家庭對于實現第三項可持續發展目標尤其重要,因為聯合國全體會員國在該目標中承諾增進各年齡段所有人的健康生活和福祉。


    Children thrive when they receive love as well as healthcare, education and other basics. During the sensitive time of adolescence, young people need emotional support along with reproductive health information and services. Young lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people suffer much higher suicide rates than the general population, making their safety and acceptance a matter of public health.




    In many societies, women and girls experience discrimination and violence within the family, which can have serious and lifelong effects on their health and wellbeing. Family life is also crucial to the health of older people, who stay active and healthy when their contributions are appreciated in the family and community.




    Governments must support the crucial role of families in all their diverse forms. They should provide access to reproductive health services so that parents can decide on the timing and size of their families. Maternal healthcare and paternal leave are also vital to enable parents to give their newborns the best possible start in life.




    I call on governments, businesses, institutions and other partners to recognize that caregiving is an essential part of family life. Everyone needs care from family members at some point in their lives – and all should be able to provide that care when the need arises.




    Promoting supportive family environments and positive parenting through policies and laws can help families raise healthy, happy children who can grow into valued, productive adults.




    Leaving no one behind means leaving no family behind.




    On this International Day of Families, let us resolve to advance sustainable development by creating a supportive environment where all family members of all ages can realize their potential to contribute to our world.



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